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Riau Archipelago

Its water is the back-yard of the indigenous nomads of life of sailor which fish and trade for a life. Their trade of navigation out of traditional wood, called “pinisi” always make the covered channels of forests of these islands, with the other indigenous trade, fishing vessels and the cargo liners which call at the city of the archipelago and the port principal of Tanjung Pinang. Tanjung Pinang is on the largest island of the archipelago of Bintan. Once known as Riau, it was the heart of an ancient Malayan kingdom. Today, Bintan is the last hot point of the development in the saving in increase in Indonesia. An outline programme is in the course of transforming it into important destination of tourists. Hardly one hour left Singapore in the vat, the housing of tourists started to seem to benefit from its passage of him all the call. It is composed of the archipelago of Riau, the islands of Natuna and the archipelago of Anambas. Part in the beginning of the province of Riau, archipelago of Riau was duplicated with far like province separated in July 2004 with Tanjung Pinang as a its capital.

The archipelago of Anambas, located between the continent Malaysia and Borneo were attached to the new province. By the population, the most important islands of Riau are Bintan, Batam and Karimun. To classify wise, however, the islands little abundantly populated of Natuna are larger. The archipelago of Riau with its thousands of the island has the abundance of the beaches and the scenic spots of diving, among them Trikora on Bintan and Pasir Panjang on the island of Rupat. The first is approximately 50 kilometers of south of Tanjung Pinang on the Eastern side of the island. Pasir Panjang, on the Scandinavian side of Rupat facing the strait of Malacca, is outside stretched the normal beaches are also found on the islands of Terkulai and Soreh, approximately the distance of one hour in the boat of Tanjung Pinang. One of the most popular beaches is Nongsa on the island of Batam. From here one can see the horizon of Singapore.


Batam Tourism Object

Batam is one of the 3.000 islands, which make the archipelago of Riau and are closest to Singapore, which is only 20 kilometers far or twenty minutes in the air-conditioned vat. It has a population of rapid-growth approximately of 100.000. While the island develops in industrial sector and tourists important, it attracts an always increasing population of other islands indonésiennes which see Batam like asylum of occasion. Once almost uninhabited, to save for some dispersed fishing communities, the history of Batam took a pointed turn beginning 1969, when it became bases of support for the “oil company of Pertamina” of State and its oil exploration at sea. In 1971 an order in Council indicated like industrial sector and in 1975 the authority of Batam was formed. In 1978 Batam was established like stuck sector. In addition to industries of oil support of Batu Ampar and an industry of electronics for fast growth, Batam attracts increasing numbers now tourists. Many comes from Singapore during short holidays with the friends and the family, the purchases free from rights and the large seafood. The visitors towards Singapore hope more for a weekend or day trip. The international standard hotels and the many establishments of economy supply at the request of extension of housing. The businesses, as they say, thunder.

A two-third of the size of island of Singapore, Batam progresses by jumps and limits. Where the once held virgin jungle are now of new cities, mosques, churches, temples and supermarkets whole, being followed soon of the tanks with water to provide a population of 800.000 enough and for the industrial use, airport-with become an international passage - a fine system of telecommunication, the industrial parks equipped well, and the beginnings of a great new urban centre.

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Giant orchid in Bogor to be in full bloom next week

The first buds of a giant orchid in Bogor Botanical Garden (KBR) are expected to be in full bloom next week, the garden attendant Sugiharti said here on Friday.

"It will probably be in full bloom next week," Sugiarti said, adding the flowers used to last for about two months.

She said the giant orchid (Grammatophyllum speciosum), popularly known as tiger orchid because of the motive of its flower, is the largest orchid in the world.

Sugiharti added that the brightly coloured flower of unusual shapes was also known as sugar-cane orchid because its bright yellow flowers with brown and scarlet spots on them could reache 15 cm long.

Besides, its stalks with 60 to 100 buds on them could reach 2 meters long, she said.

She added that the orchids of this type could grow well in tropical forest in Malaysia, Sumatra, Papua, Kalimantan and West Java.


"Sea Safari" Cruise

The Buginese schooner "Sea Safari" was custom designed for Western travellers and built in 1996/1997 by traditional craftsmen in Kalimantan. Each of the 12 double/twin cabins (see deck plan Sea Safari III, deck plan Sea Safari V and deck plan Sea Safari VI) has its own shower and toilet and its own air-conditioner, and there is a crew of 15 to take care of the passengers' needs.

You can book 7-day and 8-day cruises on the "Sea Safari" during all parts of the year, and you have a wide choice of destinations. There are visits to the Lesser Sunda Islands east of Bali where you can swim and snorkel at pristine beaches or explore villages where women still weave the traditional ikat cloth. And you can visit the island of Komodo, famous for its dragons who only here survived from the Jurassic age.

At other times the "Sea Safari" sails through the exotic Moluccas, a sun drenched group of islands that once drew explorers and traders from all parts of the world in search of precious cargoes of nutmeg and cloves. Historic Dutch and Portuguese forts evoke the shadows of the past – equally impressive are today's vibrant local cultures and magical beliefs that still play an important role in everyday life.

In the Lesser Sunda Island as well as in the Moluccas you'll also find coral reefs that are amazing both in their colour and in the variety of life they sustain. Therefore, these cruises offer new experiences and unforgettable impressions for every traveller to Asia.



Banten is one of the young provinces in Republic of Indonesia. This region is situated in west Java. It can be reached about an hour from Jakarta. It's feel unbelievable, after the busy toll-way and hectic Jakarta as metropolitan city; we enter small and charming Banten. This city has a lot of treasure to whom that likes history. Such as the ruins of Surosowan Palace, Kaibon Palace, 'Masjid Agung Banten' [Banten Great Mosque, enlisted in Moslem's pilgrimage in Indonesia], Speelwijk fortress and Chinese temple Avalokiteshvara, and the harbor of Banten, Karanghantu [devil rock's harbor] that still used nowadays already existed since centuries ago. From this place, Sultan Banten's troopers took fight against the pirates and take defense from the Dutch.

Along with the prevailing regional government changing, in respect to the insistence of Banten People's aspiration to demand the separation from West Java Province, and after long process based on Law Number 23 Year 2000 concerning on Formation of Banten Province dated 17th October, 2000, established Banten Province as the 30th Province. Banten Province consists of 4 Regencies and 2 Cities, 94 Districts, 128 sub districts and 1,339 Villages. Geographically, the location of Banten Province is strategic because of the link between Java Island and Sumatra Island as well as the capital of Republic of Indonesia and West Java Province as a potential market of Banten's products.

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The Gateway To Sulawesi

Indonesia is the larges archipelago on earth, dipping and rising across the equator for nearly 5000km are the islands of Indonesia one of the most evocative countries in the world.
The archipelago contains about 18.000 tropical islands. The five main islands are: Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Sumatra and Papua. Other popular islands are: Nusa Tenggara (where the endangered Komodo dragons Varanus komodoensis are living), Bali, Lombok and the Moluccas.

Every Indonesian island is different and almost unique from each other. Almost every island has breathtaking mountains, magnificent rice fields, giant (active) volcanoes, tropical rainforest and bounty islands with pearl white beaches.

Flora & Fauna

Indonesia has a fantastic Flora & Fauna with a unique ecosystem. We can find the beautiful wild Orang-utans, Asian Elephant on Sumatra and Kalimantan, Panthers, Rhino’s and Tigers on Java and Sumatra. But also the extreme large Komodo dragon on the islands of Nusa Tenggara and worlds largest Reticulated pythons in Central Sulawesi. Animals like Kangaroo’s and Sea crocodiles from Papua. The Flora and Fauna from East Indonesia (starts from Sulawesi) are similar to the Flora and Fauna of Australia.
*We would like to protect our Flora and Fauna, so our Emerald Indonesia tours & travel doesn’t like cooperate with them who affect the Indonesian nature. We would like to ask our guests never to buy products or souvenirs which made from animals or endangers species of trees or flowers. Don’t forget that it is most of the time illegal to bring it abroad. And please do not take photo’s pose with animals like monkeys (or other primates) or reptiles. So you don’t support them who take those animals away from their natural habitat and use them for an unfair business. So we do not support tourism against the nature.

Cultures and Population
The island of Kalimantan (former Borneo) is shared with Malaysia. Indonesia is located between South East Asia’s mainland, the Indian Ocean, The Pacific Ocean and Australia.
With more then 231 million people, it’s world’s 4th most populous nation.
There are around 300 ethnic groups with more then 365 different kinds of languages and dialects. Bahasa Indonesia is the national spoken language and it is grounded on Bahasa Malays. Every group has its own tradition and culture and they all working hard for a good future and strong nation.

Like many countries have four seasons, dos Indonesia has only two seasons. Indonesia has the wet season most of the time from October till April and the dry season from May till September. Even during the wet season is it warm, but cold for the locals, you can see them often with winter coats and long sleeves against the cold. The Indonesian highlands can be cool during the rain season, but that’s make a tour comfortable and pleasant. Places near the costal are hotter then places in the midland and highlands. The average temperature in Indonesia is between 27˚ and 34˚ and in the highlands around 25˚. The highlands can be cold during the nights and the hot places have a fresh cool breeze during the night, that’s typical for the tropics. Sometimes it’s raining only a couple of minutes during the raining season, but sometimes it will take hours.

In tropic countries like Indonesia is it good to wear light and loose clothes made from linen or cotton, these materials is easy to wash and it dry fast.
A trouser and a shirt with long sleeves are good to ware during the evening against mosquitoes and you can use it when you visit a mosque, church or a funeral. Don’t forget to respect the local culture when you visit a ceremony or religious place, please accept the local dress code. A couple of strong and easy going walking shoes or sandals for a tour or a walk on a rough underground like rocks and wet mud. Flip flaps or slippers are nice during your stay at the accommodation or when you visit the beach with water. A cap or hat can protect you for sunstroke and use a good sun blocker even when the sun is not that strong! Bring a raincoat or poncho with you during the wet season.

The most recommended vaccines for travelers are: Diphtheria & Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A or (A+B), Typhoid. Please check if you need some vaccines when you just arrived from infected areas, maybe you need a valid International certificate of vaccinations before you can enter Indonesia. We advice you to contact you local Municipal Health Service for a good medical advice about vaccines, Malaria Medication (South Sulawesi is Malaria free) and other medical requirements before your travel to Indonesia. Please beware with swimming in Central Sulawesi, because you can get Bilharzias (or Schistosomiasis), this disease is transmitted by minute freshwater worms. This worms living in lakes and rivers in Africa and sometimes Central Sulawesi, but infection in Central Sulawesi is very rare.
Do not drink water or milk from small street shops on the sidewalk and do not use ice from the street as well. It’s safe to drink boiled water (air putih) in the mid and high class restaurants and hotels. It’s safe also to eat an ice cream in this restaurants or hotels. They all use western standard. Drink a Coca Cola light or eat some bananas when you have diarrhoea and when you have to travel, this can stop it for awhile. But keep drinking (water or tea) with some sugar and salt. Contact a doctor when the diarrhoea keeps on. Please bring a medicine passport when you travel with special medicine on doctor’s receipt in which you need during your stay in Indonesia.

Electricity and voltage
The mains voltage is most of the time 220volt / 50Hz (sometimes 220volt); it is always good to bring an adaptor with you to Indonesia. The sockets are the same as in Europe with two round prongs.
Visa & Documents:
Every visitor to Indonesia needs a valid passport which is valid at least for six months following your date of arrival. You will get a disembarkation card when you pas the immigration when you arrival in Indonesia, keep it because you have to give it back to the immigration when you leave the country. There are different kinds of visa for visit Indonesia, most of the time the visitor need a tourist visa, just to visit Indonesia for a holiday. It depends on your nationality, but most of the visas are valid for 30 or 60 days. You need a special visa when you want to visit Papua (Irian Jaya). But please contact the nearest Indonesian Embassy or Indonesian consulate before you travel to Indonesia.

The local currency in Indonesia is the Rupiah (Rp). Traveller checks from major US companies are more accepted, checks like American Express, Citicorp or Bank of America. The Euro, US, Australian, Canada dollar, Japan Yen and the British pond are very good accepted in Indonesia and you can change them at moneychangers, banks or mid and high class hotels. Credit cards as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Dinners and Bankcard are the best accepted credit card and you can pay with it at the most hotels, shopping malls in major tourist areas. Almost every Indonesian bank has ATM facilities to take cash bankcard with Maestro, Cirrus and Plus.

Airport and ferry tax
International and domestic departures are charged by airport tax and also for domestic and international ferries.

Emerald Indonesia tours & travel, the gateway to Sulawesi

Indonesia is an archipelago of more then 17.000 tropical unique islands between the Indian and Pacific Ocean. The country is fabulous rich by flora, fauna, volcanoes, lakes, mountains, cultures, beaches, coral reefs and landscapes. It is Indonesia’s magnificent treasure.
Indonesia is the emerald of the globe, it is an exotic paradise…… It’s a gift from above!

PT Emerald Indonesia Tours & Travel is the specialist of Sulawesi ecotourism. We can offer you all kind of programs, for individuals and groups. We will help you to discover this magnificent island; we not only offer Sulawesi tours, but other Indonesian destinations as well. You will have a great safe journey that you will always remember.

We also offer intercontinental and domestic tickets, car/minivan rental and hotel reservations all over Indonesia. We can help you to plan your program for individuals and also for groups or special events.

We can offer you English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Japanese or Indonesian speaking guides, more languages on request.

PT Emerald Indonesia Tours & Travel offers ecotourism and that has made us strong and unique. We will offer our clients unbelievable tour programs and this does not have a negative effect on our nature and cultures.

PT Emerald Indonesia Tours and Travel is a very social tour operator, we support several local projects in Indonesia!
Like the PAK Orphanage Project Indonesia.

Bali Airlines Information

To reach Bali is easy by air and now there are several International Airlines running scheduled flight to Ngurah Rai International Airport. Here's the list of airline offices on the island.

Airport Information
Tel. 751 011 ext. 1454

Air Bali
Dewa Ruci Building #2 Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, Kuta Tel. 767 466 Fax. 766 581

Air France
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 288 511 Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 755 523

Air New Zealand Ltd.
Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 756 170 Fax. 754 594

Bali Qantas Airways Ltd.
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 289 280 Jl. Babakan, Sanur Tel. 289 281

Batavia Air
Kompleks Indoruko 20 #20 Jalan Angkasa Raya, Kemayoran Jakarta Pusat Tel. 021 421 2725 Fax. 021 421 2723 Ngurah Rai Airport Information Tel. 751 011 ext. 1454

Bouraq Airlines
Jl. Jend. Sudirman #7 A, Denpasar Tel. 241 397 Fax. 241 390

British Airways
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 288 511

Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 286 001 Fax. 288 576 Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 766 931

China Airlines
Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 754 856 Fax. 757 725

Continental Airlines
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 287 774 Fax. 287 775 Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 768 358 Fax. 768 369

Eva Air
Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 756 488

Garuda Indonesia PT.
Jl. Melati 61, Denpasar Tel. 254 747 Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 751 177, 751 011 ext. 5204 Sanur Beach Hotel 287 915 Natour Kuta Beach Hotel Tel. 751 179

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 756 126 Fax. 753 950

Korean Air
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 289 402 Fax. 289 403

Lion Air
Jalan Teuku Umar 15 A Tel. 236 666 Fax. 234 493

Lufthansa German Airlines
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 287 069 Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 753 207

Malaysia Airlines
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 288 716

Mandala Airlines PT.
Jl. Diponegoro #B1 D/23 Tel. 222 751

Merpati Nusantara Airlines
Jl. Melati #51, Denpasar Tel. 263 918 Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 751 374

Qantas Airways Ltd.
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 288 331 Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 751 471

Royal Brunei
Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 757 292

Singapore Airlines
Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 768 388, 766 940, 761 608 Fax. 768 383

Thai Airways International Ltd.
Grand Bali Beach Hotel Tel. 288 141 Fax 288 063 Ngurah Rai International Airport Tel. 755 064

Villa Teresa Beachfront Bali Villas

This Bali Villas situated on the beach of Canggu Village, it is roughly 35 minutes from International Airport - Denpasar, 10 minutes to get International Nirwana Bali Golf Club, and 15 minutes to Kuta shopping area, for the centre of culture is in Ubud only 1,5 hours.

Beachfront Villas Bali and riverside on adjoin in two units of connecting private villas which is in first unit consist of 3 bedrooms villa, the second unit consist of 2 bedrooms villa to be able combine as 5 bedrooms for entire villas in one huge private compound, in each room has King size bed, in each unit has own swimming pool and kitchen.

Bali Villas facing to the ocean

bali private villas bali bedroom

As a Bali Private Villas can be book either 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms and be able to combine as 5 bedrooms in one private compound area, with ample open living space in large landscaped with colorful various flowers in surrounding and would be supported by experience personalized staffs to serve in every guests needed.

Mentawai Adventure Surfing Resort

Hosting guests since 1998, WavePark Mentawai Surfing Resort is the original full service land-based surfing resort in the Mentawai Islands. Our all inclusive price includes private air-conditioned transport to and from mainland Sumatra, guided surfing and fishing speedboat service, 3 meals a day, drinks, snacks and accommodation. With a maximum capacity of 12 surfers, the WavePark Mentawai guests have the entire island for their exclusive use.

Located in northern Mentawai near the Playgrounds anchorage, we offer 19 different waves to chose from; rifles, ebay, bank vaults, hideaways, playgrounds, kandui, candys, corners, tikis, spankers, pit stops, beng bengs, no name, piggy banks, pistols, 3"b"s, burgerworld and crystal bowls. We are proud of the extensive knowledge of secret waves that charter boats don't visit and Mentawai weather conditions, built up from a combined 20 years experience hunting waves in the area. With unrivaled speed and comfort between lineups you will get better surf, more often with less crowds.

From $170 USD/day

We are THE best value for money in the Mentawai Islands.

If surfing the best waves of your life, sleeping on an exclusive tropical island, swimming, snorkeling and fishing in a gin-clear lagoon while making new friends sounds like your style, drop us a line at

We are standing by to make your dreams a reality.

A new secret surfing location and adventure resort in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

Dive the Epicentre of Marine Biodiversity on the Planet!

Dive Manado's Bunaken National Park and the Lembeh Strait with North Sulawesi's only PADI 5 Star Gold Palm IDC Resort - Eco Divers

Dive the Epicentre of Marine Biodiversity on the Planet!

Exotic islands... pristine reefs... friendly people... personal service... rare species...

Welcome to North Sulawesi, home to countless colourful and rare marine creatures. Visit over 100 uncrowded sites, dive in warm waters on precipitous walls, explore the best muck diving in the world and discover a huge variety of camouflaged critters.

The smiling face of Eco Divers Manado

Dive with Eco Divers

Experience the highest level of service and attention on-board our high quality boats. We guarantee you a low guest-to-guide ratio, qualified PADI Divemasters, safety and comfort facilities, specialist photography services and as much amazing diving as you could wish for. Eco Divers is a proud member of the North Sulawesi Watersports Association and is committed to the preservation of our fragile coral reefs.


Stay in two fine resorts: Tasik Ria Resort in Manado and Kungkungan Bay Resort in the Lembeh Strait. Friendly, attentive staff will take care of your every need so you can enjoy more than just a diving holiday. Relax by the pool, pamper yourself in a traditional Indonesian spa* and savour our delicious local cuisine. You can enjoy a stay in both resorts for the ultimate combination of two unique marine environments.

Bintan Resorts

Situated less than an hour away via comfortable catamarans from the modern and culturally vibrant city of Singapore, Bintan Resorts is located on the largest of Indonesia's enchanting Riau islands in the South China Sea. Experience endless beaches, a wide variety of international-class resorts, and a refreshing host of tropical holiday activities. Discover a holiday within a holiday, when you visit Singapore and Bintan Resorts today!

Bali's Best Restaurants for 2006 Names Bali's Best Restaurants for 2006
Bali's Leading Restaurant Site Lists its Favorite Eateries.

In a year that saw, according to, at least 65 new restaurants open in Bali, here's their list of the "best of the best" by category:

Best Fine Dining – The Italian Restaurant-Nusa Dua

"Elegant room fronted by a magic poolside terrace offering the very best of Italian cuisine."

Best Restaurant – Breeze at The Semaya – Kerobokan

"New beachside restaurant with some of the best food in Bali. A chef with imagination!"

Best Value – Clay Oven – Sanur "

"Sensational food from the Tandoors of a master chef. Wonderful value!"

Best North Bali – Kwizien – Lovina

"Modern European bistro, professional service, nice bar, a full wine list and a comfortable ambience."

Best Café – Beach Cafe – Sanur

"On the beach at Shindu (sic), great breakfast, sandwiches, snacks and meals."

Best Cheapie - La Pau – Sanur

"Now in a home of its own. Padang food at all hours of the night. At weekends also jazz in the garden. Cheap!"

For more information on these and the hundreds of restaurants reviewed by, visit their website via the link provided.
More information: Website

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Change in Bali: A view from within

In everyone's life, there is always a turning point that makes one take a giant leap toward change.

This also applies to Anak Agung Gde Agung from Bali, a social affairs minister under the presidency of Abdurrahman "Gus Dur" Wahid and the current king of Gianyar in Bali.

His ancestors had their roots in the Central Java ancient Majapahit Kingdom.

The death of his father -- Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung, who served a multitude of top posts during the founding Sukarno presidency -- in April 1999, a few months before he was named a Cabinet minister under Gus Dur, led him to believe that he must take a leading role in the preservation, if not the rehabilitation, of Bali's environment.

This also extended to sociocultural as well as socioreligious life, which, he felt, had been eroded badly due to the strong influence of globalization.

"We should increase people's -- including tourists' -- awareness on the uniqueness of Bali. Otherwise, Bali will only be seen as a place of everything for everybody."

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