Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Batam Tourism Object

Batam is one of the 3.000 islands, which make the archipelago of Riau and are closest to Singapore, which is only 20 kilometers far or twenty minutes in the air-conditioned vat. It has a population of rapid-growth approximately of 100.000. While the island develops in industrial sector and tourists important, it attracts an always increasing population of other islands indonésiennes which see Batam like asylum of occasion. Once almost uninhabited, to save for some dispersed fishing communities, the history of Batam took a pointed turn beginning 1969, when it became bases of support for the “oil company of Pertamina” of State and its oil exploration at sea. In 1971 an order in Council indicated like industrial sector and in 1975 the authority of Batam was formed. In 1978 Batam was established like stuck sector. In addition to industries of oil support of Batu Ampar and an industry of electronics for fast growth, Batam attracts increasing numbers now tourists. Many comes from Singapore during short holidays with the friends and the family, the purchases free from rights and the large seafood. The visitors towards Singapore hope more for a weekend or day trip. The international standard hotels and the many establishments of economy supply at the request of extension of housing. The businesses, as they say, thunder.

A two-third of the size of island of Singapore, Batam progresses by jumps and limits. Where the once held virgin jungle are now of new cities, mosques, churches, temples and supermarkets whole, being followed soon of the tanks with water to provide a population of 800.000 enough and for the industrial use, airport-with become an international passage - a fine system of telecommunication, the industrial parks equipped well, and the beginnings of a great new urban centre.

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