Monday, January 15, 2007

"Sea Safari" Cruise

The Buginese schooner "Sea Safari" was custom designed for Western travellers and built in 1996/1997 by traditional craftsmen in Kalimantan. Each of the 12 double/twin cabins (see deck plan Sea Safari III, deck plan Sea Safari V and deck plan Sea Safari VI) has its own shower and toilet and its own air-conditioner, and there is a crew of 15 to take care of the passengers' needs.

You can book 7-day and 8-day cruises on the "Sea Safari" during all parts of the year, and you have a wide choice of destinations. There are visits to the Lesser Sunda Islands east of Bali where you can swim and snorkel at pristine beaches or explore villages where women still weave the traditional ikat cloth. And you can visit the island of Komodo, famous for its dragons who only here survived from the Jurassic age.

At other times the "Sea Safari" sails through the exotic Moluccas, a sun drenched group of islands that once drew explorers and traders from all parts of the world in search of precious cargoes of nutmeg and cloves. Historic Dutch and Portuguese forts evoke the shadows of the past – equally impressive are today's vibrant local cultures and magical beliefs that still play an important role in everyday life.

In the Lesser Sunda Island as well as in the Moluccas you'll also find coral reefs that are amazing both in their colour and in the variety of life they sustain. Therefore, these cruises offer new experiences and unforgettable impressions for every traveller to Asia.


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