Thursday, January 11, 2007

Mentawai Adventure Surfing Resort

Hosting guests since 1998, WavePark Mentawai Surfing Resort is the original full service land-based surfing resort in the Mentawai Islands. Our all inclusive price includes private air-conditioned transport to and from mainland Sumatra, guided surfing and fishing speedboat service, 3 meals a day, drinks, snacks and accommodation. With a maximum capacity of 12 surfers, the WavePark Mentawai guests have the entire island for their exclusive use.

Located in northern Mentawai near the Playgrounds anchorage, we offer 19 different waves to chose from; rifles, ebay, bank vaults, hideaways, playgrounds, kandui, candys, corners, tikis, spankers, pit stops, beng bengs, no name, piggy banks, pistols, 3"b"s, burgerworld and crystal bowls. We are proud of the extensive knowledge of secret waves that charter boats don't visit and Mentawai weather conditions, built up from a combined 20 years experience hunting waves in the area. With unrivaled speed and comfort between lineups you will get better surf, more often with less crowds.

From $170 USD/day

We are THE best value for money in the Mentawai Islands.

If surfing the best waves of your life, sleeping on an exclusive tropical island, swimming, snorkeling and fishing in a gin-clear lagoon while making new friends sounds like your style, drop us a line at

We are standing by to make your dreams a reality.

A new secret surfing location and adventure resort in the Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

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