Saturday, December 23, 2006

Bengawan Solo River

Bengawan Solo river area lies from south west at south coast of Central Java province to the north east of north coast East Java, and border on Progo-Opak-Oyo river area at the south side, Jratunseluna river area at north west, Java Ocean at north side, Brantas river area at the east side and Indonesia Ocean at the west side also pass through 9 Regency/District in Central Java and 11 Regency/District in East Java, with the population estimated reach about 15 million person (1995).

The largest river in Bengawan Solo river area is Bengawan Solo River with length for 600 km flowing in 2 provinces which are Central Java Province and East Java Province with the irrigation width circa 16.000 km2, was the biggest and the main river basin area.
In recent 30 years development of irrigation facility at the Bengawan Solo river area have reach a significant level of development. This was mark by the completed of irrigation building, which still in progress or even have been built such as reservoir, dam, dike, irrigation net, and others. Investment have been spent to reach this development level is very big. Those buildings have functions as a flood controller, Hydraulic Power Generator, water supply for farming, industry, drink water, fishery, and others.

2. Completed and in progress development of irrigation facility

1. Wonogiri Multipurpose Dam (finished 1981) with capacity around 735 million m3, it function as water storage for irrigation purpose, farming, and power plant generator, also as a flood controller.
2. Dams for irrigation water supplier such as Nawangan, Paragjoho, Songputri, Nekuk, Gondang and Pondok.
3. Development of sediment foundation and groundsill at Bengawan Solo river irrigation area downstream part is 27 units, at the sub of Kali Madiun River irrigation area and Pacitan River irrigation area (Kali Grindulu) 37 units.
4. Development for irrigation net Wonogiri Region, Nawangan, Parangjoho, Songputri, Nekuk, Gondang, East Colo Downstream Main Drainage, Pump at Upperstream Solo.
5. Improvement of Bengawan Solo Upperstream river is improvement of Bengawan Solo river from Babat until Kali Mireng to protect food production region at Bengawan Solo approximately ( 40 ha., old Plangwot Sedayu flood way drainage with capacity 600 m3/second ).
6. Development for Tirtonadi Rubber Dam in Surakarta, Jati Rubber Dam, Kori, Gombal, Celeng, Sungkur, Bringin, Pulo and Jejeruk in Madiun and Kali Lamong Rubber Dam.
7. Improvement of Bengawan Solo Hilir River is improvement Bengawan Solo river from Babat to Kali Mireng.

Total fund invested by Government for development of Bengawan Solo River Reservoir until year 1999 is ( Rp 1 billion (National Budget + BLN).

1. Advantages from finished development of irrigation facility at Bengawan Solo River Reservoir are as follows :
1. Flood controller for a frequent decade period and a half-decade.
2. Supplier of irrigation water for Irrigation Area around 43.174 Ha.
3. Power Plant Generator for 57,365 million Kwh/year.
4. Supplier of raw water drinks about ( 4,2 million m3/year ).
5. Supplier of raw water for industry about ( 54,3 million m3/year ).
6. Reservoir fishing with free spread system.
7. Recreational Potential and Water Sport (Wonogiri Reservoir).

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