Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Why do people choose TORAJA LAND as a destination ?.We Spoke to many travelers while on Sulawesi ( Celebes ) and they all seemed to say the same things. They had come to Sulawesi ( Celebes ) and exploring TORAJA LAND because they either had heard such wonderful things from friends or relatives who had been there, Or they had visited previously themselves. What people seemed to like the best were The friendly people, the culture and the untouched beauty of Sulawesi at most.

After Bali and Java, the third most popular destination in Indonesia is Sulawesi. Sulawesi island contains a great variety of exotic people, culture and natural wonders. It is another unspoilt paradise. A journey into the strange world of mysterious Toraja People is truly a rare adventure, made especially eerie by their hauting tombs - holes carved out of sheer rock faces guarded by wooden effigies that stare out across the jungle.

How to get there

By Land : Just one hour flight from Bali to Makassar Airport then by land transport with sceneric drive-trip that takes about 7 hours to get into Toraja Land. There is a daily flight going to Makassar Airport from major cities of Indonesia

By Air : DAS (Dirgantara Air Service) serves two flights per week from and to Makasar which is on every Monday and Thursday. The flight leaves Makasar at 10.30am and arrive in Toraja at 11.30am and return at 12.30am with arrival time in Makasar at 13.30pm.

BY Sea : There are regularly scheduled PELNI cruiser get into Makassar harbour from all major cities of Indonesia. Then take a drive or flight to get into Toraja Land also known as "the land of the heavenly Kings"

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