Sunday, November 05, 2006


Palembang located on the bank of the Musi river, Pelambang has been major port for over 1200 years. In fact stone inscriptions have dated Pelembang is a wealthy oil town with many modern conveniences, yet ancient cultural tradition remain.
For example, the Gending Srivijaya, which resembles a classical Thai dance, dates back to the 7th century. Visitors can witness Palembang's culturel heritage at the Rumah Bari Musium complex, which a section devoted to natural history.
Prehistoric Stone Sculture: West of Palembang just of the rail line to Lubuklinggau, is the town of Lahat, the gateway to the Pasemah Highlands Scanttered region line significant megaliths, tombstones, pillar and other stone artifacts dating back to 100 A.D. These remain are considered the among the best examples of prehistoric stone sculpture in Indonesia. Rock have been shaped into armed warriors and fighting snakes, as well as mystical sancutuaris.

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