Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Bogor Botanical Garden

In 1997 Bogor Botanic Garden celebrated it's
180th Birthday!

The Indonesian Botanic Gardens are a part of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences. Annually the four branches in Java and Bali attract million of domestic and international tourists. We hope that you enjoy your online visit, and look forward to your actual visit.

The Indonesian Botanic Gardens are comprised of four Botanic Gardens - Bogor and Cibodas in West Java ( the oldest and most well-known), Purwodadi in East Java, and Eka Karya in Bali. Over the 180 years of the history of Bogor Botanic Garden there have been many major contributions to science, agriculture, conservation and environmental education.

The Bogor Botanic Garden, Indonesia's first and foremost botanical garden, is 87 hectares of beautifully kept trees, plants flowers, lawns and ponds within a busy expanding city of 300,000 people. It is also a world famous institution for research and conservation that has developed over many years and is continuing to do so. The garden is an important part of Bogor city providing not only employment but a large recreational area for local residents, visitors from Jakarta and many passing tourists.

These four gardens have internationally important collections of plants, and while Bogor has plants from all over the world, Cibodas is notable as having a collection of plants found in cool, high altitude environments, with Purwodadi having many plants dependent upon more seasonal climate of East Java, and the high altitude garden in Bali with a large collection of conifers and Indonesian montane species.

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