Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Batam Night Live

Batam has a vibrant night life, with something to cater for all tastes. Here, we try to give sensible directions to find the discos and night clubs, and to give a flavour of what you can expect.

The nightlife scene on Batam Pleasure Island consists of bars, nightclubs, karaokes and discotheques. There are tens of thousands of young female factory workers living in "dormitories" operated by the major factories. Many of them are on very low wages and are often to be found in the evenings in various night spots in the hope of meeting that Mr. Right - or maybe just a bit of fun!

Bars are self-explanatory but in Batam generally are unlike the nightlife scenes in places like Thailand or the Philippines. They are essentially watering holes with occasional live music but more likely disco or cable TV showing the sports channels. Most are aimed at ex-pats and visitors (Asian and Western) but some also attract regular local patronage. Some are popular spots for meeting local ladies but many tend to discourage them.

Nightclubs are mainly to be found in the bigger quality hotels usually with live bands and performers (some very good).

Karaokes can be fun and if you happen to enjoy a little off-key warbling then a couple hours in a Karaoke in the afternoon or evening can be hoot.

Indonesian discos are something else – very, very dark; very, very LOUD (probably comparable with the flight deck of the USS Enterprise during flight operations) and often very crowded. But for all that they are an essential experience. All the establishments that we have visited are rated using the "Pleasure Island" rating system


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